Earth Tones

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2 CD Set

You will feel sounds cleansing of a your body and purifying your soul while Nirvana, inner peace and Relaxation decreases the stress of modern living.
2 CD Set
  1. Awakening
  2. Digital Passion
  3. Celestial
  4. Cosmos
  5. ethos [ˈiːθɒs] n (Sociology) the distinctive character, spirit, and attitudes of a people, culture, era, etc.
  6. Fire Water: Digital Water Healing Sound essential for life, Naturally occurring
  7. Digital Fire
Earth Tones will bring you enchantingly Heighten Repose permeating your mind, body and soul through the journey of cosmic audio intrigue and delight.
Earth Tones
Sunlight divine light eternal, illuminating our soul and consciousness, radiating inward and outward as a beacon of creativity and love. This music is a celebration of the times when we know we are alive, when we feel and breathe the joy of being. When we are a sun ourselves, shining from within, radiating our own light.’ Having alluded to this music’s joyful, active, movement-inducing qualities, It may seem paradoxical to call it meditative/devotional, but no doubt it’s magic. A contemplative state of being – welcoming and full of celebratory gratitude.
“Music that moves and inspires, as bright and life affirming
State of the Art Sound Creation, Master Vibrational Energy Composer. Limitless Auditory Sound Canvas Celestial Soundscapes to bring your event to the spiritual heights for total Mind, Body and Soul elevation.

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