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We at PoWwer Media capture the essence of soul through quality production techniques.

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Top-tier education & groundbreaking professional Teachers


Learn the art of Recording, Music Production. Audio & Video Content Creation

Composition &
Music Theory

Take your music education to the next level by understanding the basics of Music Theory and Composition in the Digita World

Private Lessons

Specializing on private lessons on saxophone and flute, we offer our students a array of different styles to master.


Master your own songs for radio and world wide distribution


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A uniquely designed space for independent artists.

Patterns & Permutations Building Blocks of Improvisation

Book Reviews

1- I found this exercise book to be the answer to my getting proficient with improvisation. I am classically trained but have an interest in playing in more diverse musical settings. This book gives me the confidence. Get it when you can.

Janice Sloan


2- “Worth every penny.” I teach classes in music both on the college level and secondary level. This book is the bridge to getting my students to play on a higher level. And the stories from his teachers are gems.”

Paul Berman

School of Jazz

Musician's Guide For Eating Healthy On The Road

Book Reviews

1- This book is a God send for anyone traveling even if they are not a musician

Erica Peters

Travel Advisor

Adapting “The Tissue Cleansing” program more than 35 years ago, Siraj’s first hand Experienced walks you through the process and let you know that You can take reasonability for your health without the costly colonic irrigation sessions many people are subjected to. Having helped hundreds of people just like you, look and feel their best. Best of all you can do this in the privacy of your home. This presentation is stocked with industry leading information that always put professionalism, privacy, and the comfort of people first. 45 minutes will give you the complete over view of how to get healthier and happier. Walk away knowing that you have a holistic natural program that works Schedule a virtual session now


1- This book is changed my life for the better and Siraj help guide me al the way there.

Jessica Banks

Now students in every country and time zone can study with one of our talented music educators and performers. Students at any skill level are no longer bound by geography! Our cost is lower for online services as travel time is completely cut out. Online lessons are more cost-effective than studio or local lessons. Online lessons are available to anyone, anywhere. The only requirements are a reliable Internet connection, your instrument and a video chat software such as Skype, Google Hangouts or Face Time.
This presentation is stocked with industry leading information that always put professionalism, privacy, and the comfort of people first. Schedule a virtual session now.


1- Studying with a Master only makes you better.

Jorge Silva

Private Instruction

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